ARIES - Born between March 21-April 20th This month intensifies your desire to seek a change,¬† initiate a new project or accomplish your goal. You will get a †good response to your proposal. Your favorites will show †special interest in your career and personal affairs. This †period encourages love affairs, engagements, marriages,¬† progeny, fresh undertakings, shifting, journeys and major †changes. New experiences will be gained. You will get †opportunities to brighten your talents and gain recognition¬† and popularity. Your image will improve in social circles.¬† Pay special attention to your dress and physical appearance.¬† Look before you leap. Try to avoid impulsive actions and †egotistic behaviour.†††


TAURUS - Born between April 21st -May 21st This period gives mixed results. You will experience tension, †pressures, obstacles and delays and feel that things are not †smooth. You will work hard to fulfill your promises and †complete the pending or neglected work in time. The †consequences of the mistakes committed in the past may cause †vague fears. Some persons secrets create a feeling of †loneliness. Rivals may try to spoil your image with hurdles †and spreading false allegations. You may develop an escaping †tendency. Financial position may be discouraging. Health may †suffer due to over strain, insomnia and mental anxiety. This †is a good time for religious activities, visits to holy †places, spiritual interests, mediation, yoga and occult †studies.†


GEMINI - Born between May 22nd-June 21st††This month brightens your social life and encourages group †activities, politics, business and dealings with cooperative †societies, corporations, unions, clubs, associations, †political parties, financial institutions and different †organisations. You will participate in meetings, functions †and cultural programs. This is the best time to seek †membership, gather like-minded persons to float a company, †society or union, go for public issue and organise an annual †general meeting.†


CANCER - Born between June 22-July 22ndThis month creates good opportunities to promote your career †goals and improve your position in service, profession, †business, industry and politics. Chances are good for a †career opening, success in new enterprise, promotion,raise in †salary, a good position in politics recognition in the field †of arts and crafts. There is scope for expansion of business or increase in production, business turnover or profits. You †will develop contacts with influential or powerful persons †who extend cooperation and favours in achieving your †professional goals.There will be some improvement in the affairs †of parents and seniors in the family.†


LEO - Born between July 23-August 23rd†This month is highly favourable for communication and †contacts with distant people. You will receive an important †message, invitation or gust from distances and also some †valuable documents are books. Travel aspects are bright. †Attempts to secure passports, visas and tickets and †reservations for journeys, transportation, exports, imports, †foreign trips, travel agencies and plans for pilgrimage are †favoured. This is a good period for educational pursuits, †literary work academic profession, journalism, printing, †publications, seminars and conferences, advertisements, †telecasting, broadcasting and cultural programs. Your works †may be published. Intellectual professions fare getter. You †will get an opportunity to broaden your knowledge, improve †your qualification and exhibit your talents.†


VIRGO -Born between August 24 - September 22nd You are susceptible to the influences of people who are †closer to you. Think well before you involve in the personal †matters or financial affairs of others and standing surety. †Situation may create the need to borrow or lend, or seek the †cooperation of others in achieving your goals. Persons in the †same field or like minded person will join hands with you to †work together for common benefits. You may secure advances †and loans, or collect donations, subscriptions and dues. You †will receive and offer gifts. Be careful in speculations, †bets, gambling and handling public and joint funds. Curb †social spending and avoid financial risks. Creditor may †increase pressure for settlements of liabilities.†


LIBRA - Born between September 23-October 23rdThis month is favourable for joint ventures, business †contracts, agreements, partnership, engagements, matrimonial †alliances, weddings and new relations. You will associate †with others and work together to pursue common interests .¬† Your social circle will expand. Public relations will †improve. You will attend or participate in meetings, †functions. cultural, artistic and political activities. This †is a good tome to expose your talents and gain recognition, †appreciation and popularity. If you are single, eligible and looking for a companion in life, your desire will be †fulfilled during this period. If you are a writer, artist, †actor, sportsman, politician, or a social worker, you will †get an opportunity to attract the public. Some important †developments will take place in the affairs or career of your †spouse. Financial picture looks bright. You will purchase¬† some valuables and receive gifts from your †favorites. Do not underestimate the strength of your rivals †and opponents . This month is good for publicity, marketing †and journeys, communications and academic pursuits.†


SC0RPIO - Born between October 24 - November 22nd †Career opening is possible during this month. Good time for¬† search for a job or self employment or starting an Industry.¬†¬† Job works can be secured. If you are an †Employee, you many be entrusted with additional work or new †Assignment. You may initiate some changes in the nature¬† of your work or try for transfer or new job. Your claims and †arrears will be settled. There is scope for a raise in pay or †elevation in position. You will get fringe benefits, †advances and loans and additional income for overtime work.¬† work-mate will be helpful to you. Health may suffer due to †overstrain. You will participate in the activities of your †coworkers. If you are in business, industry or profession, †you will strive hard to accomplish your targets and †increase the turnover or production. You may recruit new †workers or make some changes in personnel department. Be †tactful in handling labour problems. Required material will †be procured . Investments, agriculture and live stock yield †good returns. Health of pets and live stock require special †attention. This month is highly favourable for medical profession, pharmacy, catering and trading in food grains, †drugs, textiles, poultry, dairy, seeds, fertilizers and tools. †Financial position will be sound. You will spend some amount †on repairs and buy some items to fulfill your personal needs. †You may attend parties and functions. Health may be †disturbed now and then due to over indulgence and strain.¬† Be careful in journeys and driving. Close and distant †relatives may create some problems. Avoid hasty decisions.†


SAGGATARIUS ‚Äď Born between November 23-December 21stThis month fortifies the ties of love, affection attachments †and friendship; improves your charisma, brings new †experiences and brightens your creative talents. Educational †pursuits, fine arts, sports, literary work and new †undertakings are favoured. The person who won your heart, †will respond favourably.You may get married if you are †eligible, single and looking for a suitable companion in †life. You will impress and attract others and win their †favours and support. This is an good time for construction †work, house-worming, engagements, weddings and happy †celebrations and also for conception and pregnancy for ladies aspiring for motherhood. You will get an opportunity to †exhibit your skills and talents in arts, sports and other †fields. Travel aspects are bright. Plans for a distant journey or †foreign trip will materialised. A change in your occupation, †or a shifting of residence is possible. Fresh undertakings †will be successful. Financial position looks bright. There is scope for income †from other sources or increase in wages or profits and for †elevation in status. In shopping, you will prefer costlier †items. Gifts and pleasures will be expensive. Additional †comforts will be enjoyed. You will be happy to see good †progress in the education, career or family life of your †children.†


CAPRICORN -Born between December 22- January 20th †This is your fourth month in your personal year. The following †matters will be discussed during this month:(1). The place of† residence or occupation, industry, agriculture etc; home-based †occupation, events and changes in the area.(2). Mother, family, †relatives, household affairs, activities in the family, get- togethers, entertainment, celebrations, expansion of family, †domestic purchase, decorations.(3). Land, building and other †properties; rentals, lease, buying and selling of real estate, †construction work, repairs, renovations, building materials, †lodges, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, shops,sheds, guest †house, farm house. Dealing with municipal corporations, housing †societies, builders, tenants, land lords, architects etc. (4). †Conclusion of long pending issues, results of previous action etc.†


AQUARIUS - Born between Jan.21-Feb19th  This month keeps you busy with paper work trips, †communications, contacts, visits and meetings. You will get †some useful information and receive calls and messages. You †will respond to an invitation, notice or advertisement. A †agreement or contract will be signed. This period will create †activities involving writing, printing, publishing, mailing, †journalism, marketing, advertising, teaching, mailing and †dealing with press, electronic media and the departments of †communications, transport and information. You may appear for †interviews and tests. Some valuable documents, books or †articles will be received. Your efforts will be fruitful as †an agent, broker, distributor, representative or middlemen. A good period for educational pursuits and literary work. †Artists, actors, writers, scribes and other intellectuals †will get opportunities to progress in their field. You will be pleased to meet brother, sister and relatives and †participate in their activities, engagements, weddings and †alliances are favoured. Trips and talks will be successful. †Financial positions will be encouraging. You will be happy to †notice progress in the affairs of your spouse and children. †Your work will be rewarded. Exercise caution in driving, †traveling, meetings and oral and written expressions during †averse days indicated in the daily forecast.


PISCES - Born between Feb-20th - March 20th Financial picture looks rosy during this period. Your †earnings and income will be increase. Business trend will be †encouraging. There is scope for a hike in pay, increase in †production or turn over and income from other sources like †interest, commission dividend, insurance, brokerage, ex- gratia or remuneration for other services or advises. Bills †debts and claims will be realised. Agriculture and real †estate yield good return. You will purchase some assets. you †will receive some gifts. Deposits, financial schemes, savings †and acquisition land building are favoured. You will †spend some amount on subscriptions, donations, presentations, †auspicious celebrations and social obligations. You will meet †the demands of children and relatives. Better to avoid †speculations, financial risks and extravagance on adverse †days indicated in the daily forecast.