2006 Annual Forecast for Aquarius

People born between Jan.21-Feb19 will have Jupiter in your 10th house till the end of November 2006. This transit of Jupiter will help growth and development in career, profession and business. There is a possibility of gaining higher positions. You will gain recognition and awards in career and business. People in politics, legal educational, and foreign business fields will have encouragement and development. Contacts and relations will improve with religious and spiritual  and foreign institutions.

As Jupiter enters 11th house from November onwards your circles of friends and relatives will widen. You will gain from societies and companies, you will achieve your goals and friends and relatives will help you. Expansion schemes of companies and corporative will be successful. Income from investments will increase. Your relations with people and foreign countries, in religious and cultural associations will improve. During June - August some set backs in professional and financial matters are likely.

Saturn will transit in your 7th house during this year. This position may create problems from partners and opponents. Health of spouse may cause anxiety. Public relations may suffer. Marriage will be delayed. You must be very careful during June - August 2006 regarding health of elders and family matters. Your opponents will try to bring down your image.