2006 Annual Forecast for Aries

Born between March 21-April 20th the Arian will have Jupiter transit in 8th house up to 25th November 2006 that helps achieving credit trials, realizing dues, developing joint finances and business. Financial position will improve. The period is favorable for expanding and developing chit fund business, insurance, installment schemes etc. You will settle receivables and payables. Spiritual interest increases and you will participate in religious and spiritual activities.

From November last week onwards as Jupiter enters in to your 9th house the period will be favorable for import-export business, foreign dealings, publishing, educational institutions, advertising, and communication fields. The period will be gainful for those in create writing, cultural activity, tourism and travel fields. Your relations with people abroad will improve. During June and August for people in the above fields may have unexpected setbacks. 

During the entire year Saturn will be transiting in your 5th house, causing obstacles and delays in children and love affairs. Speculations will land you in losses. People in teaching and sports may face difficulties. Responsibilities and work relating to children will increase. There will be some financial difficulty during June. Avoid speculations and any type of risky ventures from June to August