2006 Annual Forecast for Cancer

People born between June 22-July 22, Jupiter's transit in 5th house will brings cheers. You will gain in speculation and evince interest in the affairs of children and love matters. You will shine in the fields of religion, spiritual, fine arts, sports and foreign affairs. Women will be blessed with a child. You will witness favourable changes in the matters of children. Love affairs will be successful. People in the fields of fine arts, education and sports will have encouragement. 

From November as Jupiter enters Sagittarius, the 6th house for you, helps growth in profession, business and career. Increase in production is indicated if you are running an industry, increments and promotions are likely during the last two months of the year. Health will improve and relations with co-workers get bettered. You will be successful in launching new ventures. During June - August you may experience some

Negative developments in children affairs and love matter.  

Saturn is transiting in your second house during the entire year. This indicates delays and disturbances in financial and legal matters. The same period is favorable for long-term investments. There may be some pressure for money from elderly people. You may not get expected returns on investments. You must be very careful in investments particularly during June - August.