2006 Annual Forecast for Capricorn

People born between December 22- January 20 with Sun in Capricorn will have Jupiter transiting in their 11th house until November 2006 and thereafter in their 12th house. First 10 months of the year you will gain and benefit from societies and companies. Friends and relatives will help achieving your goals. Your friend circle will grow. You will participate in parties and feasts with your friends and relatives. Your relations and contacts will improve with people in religious and cultural fields and in foreign countries. This period is favorable for expanding business companies and for plans to increase your income from investments.

From November for those in the fields of fine arts, cultural, acting, rest and entertainment will have success and growth. Your trials for green card/ visa will be successful. People in research and investigations will reach their goals. During June - August there may be some adverse influence in the fields you are working. 

Saturn is transiting in your 8th house during this entire year. This transit may disturb your health. Pressures relating to credit may increase. Delays obstacles may be encountered in pension, insurance and tax matters. Parent’s health may require some attention. Some sorrowful even is likely during the months of June and August. Care is needed in financial matters.