2006 Annual Forecast for Gemini

Born between May 22nd-June 21st the Gemini’s will have Jupiter transit in 6th house till 25 November 2006. Jupiter will help expand your business and promotions and growth in service matters. Health will improve and you will get necessary medical care. Your relations with colleagues and co-workers will improve. Promotions and increments will be expected. This is a favourable period for the expansion of industry. For those in hotels, daily needs, educational institutions, printing and publications, communications and medical fields will have growth during this period.

From November onwards as Jupiter enters in 7th house it will be gainful for politicians, teachers, lawyers, people in cultural fields and public relations. Time is favourable for marriages, partnerships and spousal affairs. During June – August take care of health. There will be some setbacks in profession. For those in the above fields may encounter delays and obstacles.

During this year Saturn will be transiting in your 3rd house indicating increased responsibilities and burden in the matter of brothers and sisters. Pressures from close associates and neighbors are likely. There will be some setbacks to the people who are in the fields of transportation, travel, contracts and teaching etc., during June to August of this year.