2006 Annual Forecast for Leo

People born between July 23-August 23 with Sun in Leo are having Jupiter in transiting in their 4th house till November. Due to Jupiter's transit you will witness development and growth of the family and properties. This year is very favourable for house construction, house warming etc., Happy events and celebrations in the family are indicated. People in real estate and domestic needs will have good opportunities.

From November 26th Onwards Jupiter will enter in your 5th house. During this time focus will be on children education, fine arts and sports. You will be successful in love affairs. Speculations will be profitable. Spiritual matters, foreign education, export; imports will draw your attention. During June - August exercise caution in family affairs, real estate matters. Unpleasant changes may cause unrest. You are likely to have some setbacks.  Saturn's transit up to May end in your second house cause delays and disturbances in financial and legal matters. The same period is favorable for long-term investments.

During this year Saturn is transiting in your first house causing pressures, delays and obstacles. Responsibilities will increase. You will discipline your work and activity. Saturn will be retrograde till April 6th from the beginning of the year. You may have to make repeated attempts to achieve the targets. Insults or disappointments are likely during June - August.