2006 Annual Forecast for Libra

People born between September 23-October 23 with Sun in Libra will have Jupiter transiting in their second house till November 2006 will witness growth in their income. You may acquire costly items and jewelry. This is a favorable period for saving schemes and investments. Promotions, increments, business gains, increased production are indicated. Spiritual, education and travel will draw your attention and may spend on them. This is a profitable period for those in financial institutions, tourism and foreign affairs.

From November Jupiter enters your 3rd house indicating gains and developments for those in contracts, tourism, marketing, printing and publication. Happy events are likely in the matters of brothers and sisters. Teachers and writers will have recognition, and honor. During June-August those who are in the above business have to exercise caution and care. 

Saturn will be transiting in your 11th house during the entire year. This transit will be causing difference with friends and relatives. Your relation with elderly and aged friends and relatives will strengthen. Your contacts with societies and organizations will improve. You may have to face allegations or blame During August. Some Disappointment is likely in June.