2006 Annual Forecast for Pisces


People born between Feb-20th - March 20th with Sun in Pisces will have Jupiter transiting in 9th house up to August 2006 end and there after in 10th house. During the 1st part Jupiter transit will give you encouragement and enhancement in higher education spiritual, tourism and foreign affairs and legal matters. Your relation with people aboard will improve. This is a favorable time for people in educational institutions, teaching, foreign relations and import-export business. From September onwards you will have considerable growth of profession and business. Possibility of promotions, honors and awards are likely. People in position will help you in achieving goals. Writers, artists and people in cultural fields have encouragement.


During August - September misuse of power and selfish motives may create problems to you. Exercise caution during this period. This year is favorable. Until May 2006 Saturn will be transiting in your 6th house causing, heavy work burden, ill health increased responsibilities. Pressures and tensions may cause annoyance to you. Over indulgence in food and drinks shall be avoided. In service and business matters responsibilities will increase. Pregnant women shall take care of their health.