2006 Annual Forecast for Sagittarius

People born between November 23-December 21 with Sun in Sagittarius will have Jupiter transiting in 12th house up to November 2006. As a result spiritual interest, migration trials, trials for green card - visa will have importance and success. For those in the fields of fine arts and cultural affairs and acting, rest and recreation will have more encouragement and growth. For who are in Secret enquires, research, educational institutions, hospitals, and science and technology fields will have successes.

From November 26th as Jupiter enters into 1st house you will gain respect, honor and recognition. Successes and achievements are bestowed on those in the politics, fine arts, international business and education. You are likely to get responsible positions. You will start constructive work with confidence. You will succeed in achieving higher goals and aims. You will develop interest in religious and spiritual matters. During June - August overconfidence may cause problems and need to exercise caution. You may suffer some setbacks in higher education and foreign matters.

Saturn will progress in your 9th house during the entire year. This will be causing delays and obstacles in foreign related matters, higher education and journeys. You are likely to face some legal problems or met with accidents during June - August months.