2006 Annual Forecast for Scorpio

People born between October 24 - November 22 will have Jupiter in transiting in their first house up to November 2006 that gives immense enthusiasm to launch new plans and schemes. During this year your talents and capabilities get recognition and gets you honors and respect. Those in the fields of education, art & culture, travel& tourism, politics and foreign business will have growth and development. Legal problems may be solved.

During the month November you will gain confidence and start constructive and new activity. You will work for achieving higher goals. You will develop interest in religious and spiritual matters.  As the Jupiter enters your second house in November, chances are bright for increase in income. Promotions and increments are possible. Chances of credit facility are bright. You will succeed in implementing financial plans and schemes. For those in the fields of financial institutions, foreign business, tourism and export-import business will be profitable. During June to August Scorpions have to exercise cautions in speculation. Some   Disappointments are likely in the month of August. 

Till the end of 2006 Saturn will be transiting in your 10th house causing increased workload, responsibilities, pressures and obstacles. Possibility of responsible position is bright. He will streamline and systematize your work and business to gain development. You will get the support of seniors and elderly people. Caution is required during June - August months in all fronts.