Tribute to Shri Vutla Radha Krishna Murthy



Aryabhatta has given a new meaning to science and Mathematics by introducing the concept of “Zero” without which, there could be no technological advancement to mankind and no computers. Sir Thomas Alwa Edison by inventing electric bulb triumphed the darkness, transforming it into colorful illumination.


By the blessing of God Almighty, some great people take birth again on this Earth to help humanity and mankind by their great works. I must say that my Guru Sri Vutla Radha Krishna murthy also belongs to the same class. He was born in the early hours of  3–10-1946, in Nellore town of Andhra Pradesh in mula nakshatram, dhanur rasi / sayana tula rasi.


|- 7-  8 07|- 8-  8 29|- 9-  8 52|URNr 21 47|

|          |          |          |M.C   9 14|

|          |          |          |RAH  14 55|

|          |          |          |          |

|          |          |          |          |

|          |          |          |          |


|- 6-  8 29|                     |-11-  8 52|

|          |                     |          |


|          |                     |          |

|          |                     |          |

|          |                     |          |

------------  SAYANA RASI CHART  ------------

|- 5-  8 52|                     |-12-  8 29|

|MOO   3 54|                     |SAT   6 44|

|          |                     |PLU  12 58|

|          |                     |          |

|          |                     |          |

|          |                     |          |


|- 4-  9 14|- 3-  8 52|- 2-  8 29|LAG   8 07|

|KET  14 55|MAR   5 36|SUN   9 07|          |

|          |VEN  22 21|MER  22 21|          |

|          |JUP   1 32|NEP   8 24|          |

|          |          |          |          |

|          |          |          |          |



EDUCATION:  Venus ( Lord of 9th and 2nd )is in the 3rd house along with Jupiter, Mercury ( 10th and lagna’s lord ) is in the 2nd house. Uranus in the 10th house trines with Mercury, made him complete his graduation. He achieved his degree in commerce from Jawahar College, Kavali.


Occupation:    6th lord Uranus in the 10th, 10th lord Mercury in the 2nd, 2nd lord Venus in the 3rd, have made him seek employment in the banking sector, where he duly performed his duties for 13 years. He started as clerk in Canara bank in the year 1968, later took charge as a cashier. During this time he also served as an organizational secretary for Union Bank and Zonal secretary in Canara Bank, thus proving his talent as a leader. In his chart 18th , 36th and 46th  years have had major changes impacting his life and career.


Sun ( 12th lord ) in  the 2nd house squares with Moon ( 11th lord ) in the 5th. This aspect has attracted him towards business. He ventured into the Real Estate business in 1981 after taking voluntary retirement from his bank service. He constructed about twenty multi storied apartment complexes creating home and abode for more than 750 families. Uranus strengthening this aspect, helped him to establish his career as a very successful businessman. During this period he received the Industrial Promotion award in 1989 for building houses at an economical price, presented to him by the then governor Sri Krishna Kant.


Sun square Moon, Venus at 150 degrees with Uranus resulted in a downhill in the financial status. Moon in 5th house made him to completely believe the people around him that caused a major set back in the business affecting it in an adverse way. Treachery and deceit by his friends and relatives disturbed him mentally impacting his health and causing physical deterioration.


Gemini with Uranus in the 10th house bestowed him with an excellent character and high moral values, led him towards social service. His leadership qualities, perseverance and endurance made him launch his foot in service to society despite the monetary losses in business. Inspite of being a businessman, he was a communist at heart and actions. He relayed Dande’s message to the world by translating his lectures from English to Telugu. He has been the pillar of moral support for some of the renowned communist leaders.


HEALTH , ENEMIES :         SAYANA 6, 8, 12th  lords and positions are indicative of  physical health. Moon afflicted by Saturn at 150 degrees in enemies place Leo. Saturn square with Mars, Uranus lord of 6th at 45degrees with Saturn, Moon square Sun, all of which had an adverse effect on his “Lungs” and “Urinary systems”. These disorders ultimately were responsible for his demise.


Rising To Fame  In Astrology:  Slowing of the real estate business, ill health, progressed Lagna trine with Uranus, progressed moon trine with Uranus attracted him towards Astrology. Uranus in the 10th house, created interest and career growth in the fields of electronics , Computer, Astrology, Geological Research . Gemini the Dual sign has helped him in mastering Astrology combining it with information technology.


In NIRAYANA DASHA SYSTEM when the individual cases progressed ( ASTOTTARI AND VIMSOTTARI SYSTEM) different dashas are observed which are far from facts. Sri V.R.K. Murthy followed SAYANANA System to overcome impediments of NIRAYANA DASHA system. Sri V.V. Rao used to depict/ forecast only a single case that too after compiling the calculation on next day. Proximity with Sri V.V. Rao made him to think about evolving a process that could depict the progress in a very short span rather than taking days. With this goal in his mastermind, he applied modern science to astrology, combining the both. Using Information Technology, Dos he deduced a method of calculating the planetary progressions thereby developed software where in horoscope progressions, solar return chart can be generated within seconds.


This extraordinary development and evolution made by Sri. V.R.K. Murthy has given a new lease of life to the diminishing breed of Astrologers and has taken Astrological science to a Common mans desk. This MAGNUM OPUS of Sri V.R.K. Murthy will be remembered for times to come.


“PANCHANGAM” calculations used to commence a year ahead (coming year Panchangam used to be calculated in current year) then correcting it was the order of the day. He computerized these calculations, the daily planetary positions in “C” Language. In Mumbai to calculate Telugu Panchangam it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes; Sri Murthy has condensed it to 50 - 60 minutes. If today Telugu Panchangam is written at ease, the credit goes to Sri V. R. K. Murthy. The developments made in the field of Astrology have been possible due to the aspect of Mercury trine with Uranus.


With a motto to share the fruits of astrology with larger community, Sri Murthy garu has launched the website LEOASTRO.COM in reverence to his guru and idol Late Sri V.V. Rao. Sri Murthy has also to his credit launching of first Telugu website where in users can down load their Horoscope for the day, week and the year free of cost.


Even though he was on continuous oxygen at home, unable to move around, he rendered his great service in correcting many people’s life cycles with his vast knowledge in astrology and remained in the hearts of his followers and well-wishers. Though his health was not co-operating, was deteriorating day by day he continued to give his advice and service to all who had approached him till the very last day of his life. He relentlessly strived for the upliftment and well being of others.


The man who has served many selflessly by sharing his achievements is no more. His good memories and great work will always remain amongst us.


FAME:     Fame indicators are Sun in the second house and falls depilated in Libra, Venus in 3rd house i.e Mars sign, Sun Square moon, similarly sun  at 45 degrees aspect with venus and Venus at 135 degrees aspect with Uranus, 7th lord conjunction with sun have deprived him from raising to Fame.


Today writing the Panchangam in 50 to 60 minutes is possible only due to his efforts in computerizing the sayana system of panchangam, still left behind the screens which clearly shows his generosity and most humble way of life. He has been a great source of information, knowledge and guidance for me.


(There is a lot more to write about this unsung personality, but with great respect and regards we close here)



                                                             CH. SAMBASIVA RAO