2006 Annual Forecast for Virgo

Those born between August 24 - September 22 with sun in Virgo, will have Jupiter transiting in their 3rd house up to 25th November 2006 and there after in their 4th house. Jupiter's transit in 3rd house will improve relations with sisters and brothers, neighbors and close associates. The period will be favourable for creative writing, contracts, agreements, education and journeys. For the people in printing and publication transportation and tourism success and growth are indicated.

From November last week onwards Jupiter will transit in your 4th house. With this influence your attention will be on family affairs, domestic matters and acquisition of assets.  This period will be favorable for house construction and house warming. Family and public relations will be improved. This is a favorable time for spiritual and religious functions at home. Those in the business of real estate, domestic needs and restaurant will improve and develop their business. Gains and profits in these fields are indicated.

During June - August exercise care in these fields. You have to be careful in Journeys and signing on new agreements during August.  During this entire year Saturn transit will transit in your 12th house, which will cause unknown fears and restlessness. It is a favorable period for secret discussions and plans. As the pressures increase your health is likely to suffer and in some cases hospitalization may be required. Avoid major decisions during the months of June and August.